The Evolution of Lego’s Classic Space Line

Mike Powers
The Evolution of Lego’s Classic Space Line

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As the ‘90s and Lego’s approach to factional conflict continued, Space evolved beyond human-vs-human stories. After introducing robotic characters the year prior in the Exploriens line, in 1997 Roboforce introduced even more android figures. Shortly after, the launch of UFO and then Insectoids introduced the first non-humanoid alien minifigures, bringing in advanced design techniques like large piece to replicate classic sci-fi curvatures or, as Insectoids implies, bug-like design themes.

But this is an important era in Lego Space for an altogether different reason, too. At the tail end of the ‘90s, Lego announced an unprecedented move: its first line of licensed playsets, based on a series ready to undergo its own transformation for a new generation. With a humble little 263-piece X-Wing Starfighter releasing in October 1999, Lego Star Wars was here, and nothing would be the same.

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