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Apple Intelligence and a better Siri may be coming to iPhones this spring

Siri will finally get better in spring 2025 when Apple makes its Apple Intelligence AI

By Mike Powers

Seed VCs are turning to new ‘professional rata’ funds that help them compete with the big firms

Lee Edwards, partner at Root VC, has a saying at his firm that “pro rata

By Mike Powers

Finn Jones Wants Iron Fist to Come Back for the MCU

These days, studios have been getting old superhero actors to come back and reprise their

By Mike Powers

Watch Deadpool & Wolverine Recap Their Own Movie History

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters in a few weeks, and it’s been a bit of a

By Mike Powers

Batman Ninja’s Sequel Brings His Coworkers Along For the Anime Ride

Last month, WB revealed a sequel to its 2018 movie Batman Ninja was in the works. With

By Mike Powers

Hippos Go Airborne at Top Speeds, Video Footage Reveals

Hippos are more limber than you may’ve previously thought. The fifth-heaviest land mammal is capable

By Mike Powers

Even Andrew Lincoln Thinks The Walking Dead Overdid Killing Glenn

The Walking Dead killed a lot of people when it was on. Some deaths were earned,

By Mike Powers

‘The Sims 4’ adds polyamory in its Lovestruck Expansion Pack

Non-monogamy certainly existed before 2020, but since then we've been hearing a lot more about

By Mike Powers

What to expect at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in July

Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is coming up fast at 9AM ET on July 10th

By Mike Powers

Tesla makes it onto Chinese government purchase list

For the first time, Chinese government workers will be able to purchase Tesla’s Model Y

By Mike Powers

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