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The Long-Lost Original Star Trek Enterprise Model Is Heading Home

Image: Heritage AuctionsIt was our first look at the vision of Star Trek’s future: the

By Mike Powers

Discovery Is a Time-Hopping Marvel

Star Trek: Discovery is really good with time. We knew this almost immediately when one

By Mike Powers

911 Outages in Las Vegas, South Dakota, and Texas Blamed on Light Pole Installation

Emergency service systems tied to 911 went offline across several states on Wednesday night including

By Mike Powers

U.S. Produce Still Contains Unsafe Levels of Pesticides, Consumer Reports Analysis Finds

Some of your favorite produce might be dicier to eat than assumed. An analysis from

By Mike Powers

50-Foot-Long Fossil Snake May Be the Largest That Ever Lived

A newly described fossil snake in India may be the largest that ever lived, according

By Mike Powers

Razer Kishi Ultra Review

Razer Kishi UltraRazer's controller transforms a folding smartphone or iPad mini into the perfect console

By Mike Powers

Transformers One’s First Trailer Certainly Looks Different

Screenshot: ParamountAt last week’s CinemaCon, Paramount unveiled more information about its upcoming animated prequel Transformers

By Mike Powers

Lawmakers Are Kicking Warrantless Wiretapping Into Overdrive

This week, Congress is expected to vote on a bill that would update key federal

By Mike Powers

Dog-Powered Machines Were Surprisingly Common in the 19th Century

The Cynophere, a dog-powered velocipede, was invented by the French mechanic Narcisse Huret and patented

By Mike Powers

10 Global Horror Movies Worth Streaming on Netflix

INDIGO (Official Trailer) | In Cinemas 18 January 2024This 2023 Indonesian release follows sisters whose

By Mike Powers

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