Prodigy’s Strange Journey Has Taken Yet Another Turn

Mike Powers
Prodigy’s Strange Journey Has Taken Yet Another Turn

As confirmed by a splashy Variety story this week digging into the future of Star Trek, fans have a lot to look forward too, including more series (Discovery’s final season starts next week), Michelle Yeoh’s Section 31 streaming movie, and a big-screen return. But one pocket of the franchise that’s already endured a bumpy road made another “wait, what?” headline this week.

That would be kid-focused animated series Star Trek: Prodigy; as Trek Core reports, last week, “the complete second season suddenly appeared on France’s Okoo FranceTV streaming platform without a warning to the rest of the world.” This stealth premiere, the site notes, “was a shock to the creators of the series itself, along with CBS Studios.” After some understandable confusion, creators Dan and Kevin Hageman, who’d called the drop a “leak” in a since-deleted X post, shared an update on X yesterday, amending the incident’s status to an unfortunate “miscommunication.”

While fans stateside await for that Netflix date announcement, it’s wild to think this is just the latest twist for the series. Despite every other Star Trek series having a streaming home on Paramount+ in the U.S., Prodigy—which also aired on Nickelodeonwas removed from the service in June 2023, leaving the fate of its second season, which was nearly completed at the time, hanging in the balance—not to mention the future of the series. After a brief period of uncertainty, season one got a digital and physical release; then, in October, Netflix swooped in to become Prodigy’s new streaming home.

Given its abrupt arrival on foreign shores, fans can only hope Netflix will reveal a U.S. debut date for season two ASAP—but in the meantime, for the love of Janeway: no spoilers, French Prodigy watchers!

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