Evil’s Season 4 Trailer Reveals 2024’s Latest Sinister Spawn

Mike Powers
Evil’s Season 4 Trailer Reveals 2024’s Latest Sinister Spawn

A demon raises a dagger in Evil

It really is turning out to be the year of the sinister baby, what with Immaculate, The First Omen, and now Evil’s bundle of terrifying joy bursting out into the world. Alas, this season four trailer means the end of Evilone of the most entertaining (and scary!) shows out there—is upon us, but we still have 14 new episodes on the way before it’s well and truly over.

Here’s the season four trailer, containing witches, Antichrist baby barf, and Irving Berlin, not necessarily in that order:

Evil | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount+

As we learned earlier, Evil season four will have episodes titled “How to” (“How to Train a Werewolf”). It will also include four bonus episodes that were filmed after the show’s cancellation was announced—ensuring a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion for all its wild plot threads, as well as room for a proper good-bye to our intrepid supernatural detectives… and some comeuppance for the forces of you-know-what that have been bedeviling them for the past four seasons.

Season four returns to Paramount+ starting May 23, and there will be 14 episodes (released weekly) as we bid farewell to the show. It stars Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi, Michael Emerson, Andrea Martin, Kurt Fuller, Christine Lahti, and Wallace Shawn, and was created by co-showrunners Robert and Michelle King.

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