Best Moments From Elon Musk’s Deposition He Doesn’t Want You to Read

Mike Powers
Best Moments From Elon Musk’s Deposition He Doesn’t Want You to Read

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Elon Musk’s recent deposition, made public in a transcript published by HuffPost on Monday, revealed several interesting details about the owner of X. The deposition also included several heated exchanges between Musk, his lawyer, and the plaintiff. We read the whole 108-page transcript and pulled the best moments.

This deposition is related to Musk’s tweets on the X platform, specifically pertaining to a 22-year-old Jewish man Ben Brody who is suing the billionaire. Brody alleges Musk contributed to a conspiracy theory about him. However, this public deposition explored wide-ranging topics about Musk’s life.

Brody’s attorney, Mark Bankston, peppered Musk and his longtime lawyer, Alex Spiro, with questions for nearly two hours. In the deposition, Musk confirms some of his strange alt accounts on X. Spiro specifically asked at one point to make this deposition confidential, though it clearly was made public this week.

Musk revealed in his deposition that he’s never read Walter Isaacson’s biography on him. Later on, Musk says he may have done more financial harm than good to the X platform. These quotes from Musk, who often comes up as “A” or “WITNESS” in the transcript, come alongside several heated exchanges, all occurring over Zoom.

Here are the best moments from Elon Musk’s deposition about his use of the X platform, and other parts of his life.

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