Abigail’s First Reactions Say It’s as Good (and Bloody) as It Looks

Mike Powers
Abigail’s First Reactions Say It’s as Good (and Bloody) as It Looks

Alisha Weir as Abigail in the film of the same name.

Image: Universal Pictures

The spring movie season has begun, and one of its big tentpoles is Universal’s upcoming Abigail. Though the movie isn’t out for two weeks, a screening was held on Saturday night at the Overlook Film Festival. And if you were worried that this was going to be a dud or suck, you apparently don’t need to worry, because the buzz appears to be that we’re in for a bloody good time later this month.

Early reactions so far have fairly positive, with those who’ve seen it calling it another great horror flick from the directing pair of Radio Silence. The impressions aren’t super in-depth, but there’s specific praise of its blend of horror and laughs, along with what’s said to be a lot of blood spilled throughout the film. It also sounds like a hell of a crowd pleaser, with at least one critic saying each kill got a round of applause from the audience.

It’s good to hear Abigail’s got the goods—the premise sounded wickedly fun, and it goes to show that Universal’s really onto something by just doing whatever the hell it wants with its stable of Universal Monsters. Plus, any movie that has a ballerina vampire go on a rampage and dance with a headless corpse is obligated to live up to that incredibly bonkers visual that closes out the trailer.

Abigail comes out on April 19, and we’ve assembled some of the social media impressions down below. We’ll likely have our own thoughts on the film—or ask you for yours—closer to release.

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