A Sneak Peek at Furiosa Broke the Action Down to 3 Epic Chapters

Mike Powers

At CinemaCon 2024, director George Miller—along with stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth—showed an extended sneak peek at their new film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and it was colossally epic. Running about five minutes, the clip showed the full scope of the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, and broke the action down into chapters.

The first chapter was called “Her Odyssey Begins,” and it focused on Furiosa as a child. We see her being taken from the green place—the rare part of Mad Max’s wasteland that still has flora—and her mother hunting her down to rescue her. The young girl is presented to Dementus (Hemsworth), a wild warlord who takes a liking to her. He tells her he’s going to follow the tracks back to where she lives and kill everyone, which is about when her mother shows up. Mom is in a skull mask, with a sniper rifle, and raises all kinds of hell. She rescues young Furiosa, but leaves a trail as she drives home. Dementus and his men follow the tracks back and kidnap Furiosa again, as well as crucify her mother. Furiosa is, understandably, not happy.

Now that she’s fully with Dementus, we see him drive to Immortan Joe’s Citadel and challenge him for the land. Joe says they can have a truce, if he can have the young girl Dementus is carrying along. Dementus agrees.

Chapter two is called “A Warrior Awakens.” And now, Furiosa is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. She’s working on big rigs for Joe, fighting off scavengers while hanging off a truck. Eventually, one of the people who was attacking her attempts to reason with her and offers her a chance to learn skills that will help her be freed. As a fan, you couldn’t help but notice this man has the same black paint around the top of his head Furiosa has in Fury Road. Furiosa enters an alliance with him. The man and Furiosa develop a friendship, and possibly more, as he explains how he intends to help her. We see Furiosa rising in power, and eventually tells an enemy that she lost her family and her childhood and she wants them back, as she drives a hot rod across the desert in a massive action scene. She cuts her hair and somehow loses her arm.

Chapter three is called “A Ride Into Vengeance,” and we finally see Furiosa going after Dementus and his people. This is mostly the action we saw in the first two trailers, with Taylor-Joy really going the full Furiosa. The scenes end on a War Rig driving down the road with a huge fire in the front and a massive parachute flying the other way as people keep chanting “Furiosa! Furiosa! Furiosa!” as the final few scenes unfold.

It’s unclear if the film itself will be divided into these chapters, but the way the trailer did it, you got a very good idea of how the film’s story is broken down over almost two decades of time.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga opens May 24.

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