Save on Weatherstripping Today and Save on Energy All Year

Mike Powers
Save on Weatherstripping Today and Save on Energy All Year

If you’ve lived in a drafty house, you know how rough it can feel. When the heat or cold leaks inside through gaps in your windows or doors, it’s a drain on your bank account while making your home uncomfortable at the same time.

Luckily, you can boost your comfort and lower your bill with one easy do-it-yourself project that requires just one inexpensive tool that you can score for 40% off on Amazon: weatherstripping.

You can grab 18 feet of rubber weatherstripping for just $12 and start blocking up drafts today. Simply cut it to the right length, peel the adhesive backing and stick it to a door jamb or window sill. Install it so, with the window or door closed, it plugs whatever gap was letting in air from outside. Match your home’s color with a white version too.

There are other forms of weatherstripping (and dozens of brands) too. You might also buy what’s often referred to as cord weatherstripping — it’s a bit like the tacky substance you might have hung a poster with — to plug up holes around doors or windows you don’t need to open.

Any form of weatherstripping is a quick, easy, energy-saving project you can accomplish with just a few spare minutes.

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