Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR has a stunning OLED display

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Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR has a stunning OLED display

Honor unveiled the Magic 6 Pro at MWC 2024 a few weeks ago, while teasing that it wasn’t done pushing out flagship phones. The Chinese handset vendor teased it would soon launch a Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR version of the Magic 6 Pro.

After that, rumors emerged that an Ultimate version of the Magic 6 Pro would also launch soon. Finally, on Monday, Honor announced both devices in China.

Both are essentially better versions of the Magic 6 Pro but feature somewhat different designs. We already expected that from the Porsche Design edition. That’s the entire point of these designs, a trend that Huawei pioneered in the years when before the US ban.

The Porsche Edition phones also pushed the envelope when it comes to hardware. That’s what the Porsche Design Magic 6 RSR does, too, particularly in the display department. The phone features the industry’s first dual-layer OLED Tandem Display.

If that sounds remotely familiar, it’s because I’ve talked about two-stack OLED tandem panels before. And every time it concerned Apple’s iPad Pro OLED models that should hit stores later this month or in early April.

Apple will use OLED tandem displays from Samsung and LG for the upcoming iPad Pro models. The same tech will likely be used in iPhone models once it’s possible to deploy the technology at scale.

What OLED panel provider makes the Magic 6 RSR’s 6.8-inch screen is unclear. BOE is certainly a candidate. But Honor putting that screen only in this special edition, very limited, and expensive Magic 6 Pro model indicates these dual-layer OLED Tandem Displays aren’t ready for a wider rollout, at least when it comes to smartphones.

Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR features a Dual-layer OLED Tandem Display. Image source: Honor

These tandem displays feature two OLED layers, which will improve the screen brightness. The Magic 6 RSR will support an HDR peak brightness of 5,000 nits, with regular peak brightness going up to 1,800 nits. Manual maximum brightness sits at 1000 nits. Moreover, the screens should be more efficient, with Honor citing 40% efficiency gains.

Also important is durability, as the OLED tandem panels can last longer than traditional OLED screens. Honor says the lifespan of the Magic 6 RSR can increase by 600%. Display degradation will drop to less than 1 percent after three years of use. Put differently, this is the kind of display innovation we need in a world where high-end handsets will receive up to 7 years of Android updates.

This is still an LTPO display that supports dynamic 120Hz refresh rates, which is the standard for flagships like the Magic 6 RSR. Also, it’s a hole-punch display that features a cutout similar to the iPhone’s Dynamic Island to house a 3D face-recognition system.

Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR in Agate Grey.
Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR in Agate Grey. Image source: Honor

Protecting the screen is an anti-scratch NanoCrystal Shield Glass. On the back of the Magic 6 RSR, there’s a similar NanoCrystal Shield glass layer.

The Magic 6 RSR might resemble the regular Honor 6 Pro, but it features a distinct rear-facing camera module. It’s a hexagonal camera that Honor calls “Porsche’s iconic hexagonal structure.” The camera module is made of titanium.

The camera is also slightly different than the Magic 6 Pro’s. It features a new Falcon Camera H9800 sensor that supports a dynamic range of up to 15EV. This will improve contrast in photos and videos captured in low-lit conditions.

The camera module also features a new “cutting-edge” LiDAR Matrix Autofocus system. Honor says it’s “the industry’s first imaging sensor with 1200 Points LiDAR Matrix and 60FPS AF Tracking calculations.” The LiDAR system will improve focus speed and ensure you can capture shots quickly.

Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR in Frozen Berry.
Porsche Design Honor Magic 6 RSR in Frozen Berry. Image source: Honor

Finally, I’ll add the Honor Magic 6 Ultimate is also a higher-end version of the Magic 6 Pro. Like the Porsche Design Magic 6 RSR, the Ultimate is inspired by the design of luxury car interior designs. But it doesn’t feature the same OLED tandem panel as the RSR. The display might be the big win for the Porsche Design Honor smartphone, at least when it comes to bragging rights.

The Porsche Design Magic 6 RSR is available in China right away, starting at 9,999 yuan ($1,389). It’ll launch in international markets in the second quarter of 2024. The Magic 6 Ultimate is also available in Honor’s home market, starting at 6,999 yuan ($972). It’ll be available globally next quarter.

I’d expect global prices to be higher, as the figures above are direct currency conversions. After all, the Magic 6 Pro starts at €1,299 ($1,415) in Europe right now.

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