PlayStation 5 Pro Leaked: Everything We Know – Video

Mike Powers
PlayStation 5 Pro Leaked: Everything We Know – Video

Speaker 1: The PlayStation five is about to get a major upgrade. The unannounced console referred to as the PS five Pro appears to have just had it specs leaked, giving us our first look at what this half step gaming machine might do. Here’s everything we know and what it means for you. Leaked yesterday from a report by Insider Gaming, which confirms that the documentation leaked is from a PlayStation developer portal shared with third party studios. This comes a few weeks after Sony Vice President Naomi Masuka mentioned that the PS five was entering its [00:00:30] later stage of its lifecycle. Looking back at the previous generation, the PlayStation four received its pro model in November of 20 16, 3 years after the original PS four launched. The PS five turns four this holiday season, so an upgraded console at this time would make sense. Sony’s updated console code named Trinity in these reports will be targeting improved and consistent frames per second at 4K resolution, as well as a new performance mode for eight K resolution.

Speaker 1: As a primary focus, this would be [00:01:00] a very welcomed improvement considering current consoles often have to limit the player to either 10 80 p resolutions at 60 frames per second, or 4K resolutions for a dropped 30 frames. Here’s hoping that split moves up to 4K at 60 frames per second while the eight K option drops the frames back down. As someone who doesn’t have an eight K tv, like most people having the default for games be 4K 60 is totally fine by me. The report also detailed several other upgrades such as 45% faster rendering than the current PlayStation five and two [00:01:30] to three times more ray tracing capability with a caveat mentioning four times. In some cases, it will also support an upscaling or anti-aliasing solution called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling or PSSR, which will help with its support for the previously mentioned eight K resolutions.

Speaker 1: The console CPU will remain as is, but now has a high CPU frequency mode, which actually boots it to 3.85 gigahertz, resulting in a 10% increase. Just like the recently released PS five [00:02:00] Slim that we saw late last year, this promo will also have a detachable disc drive. I actually reviewed that slim console and we got our hands on it and I’ll link to that video now if you’re interested, insider gaming continues by mentioning that dev kits, which are very early versions of the consoles, have been shared with first party studios since September, 2023, and with third party studios since January of this year. There are plans for test kits, which will be identical to the final product available to their studio partners sometime this spring. It’s reported that the PS five [00:02:30] Pro is tentatively aiming for a holiday 2024 release, but what do you think? Would you upgrade your PlayStation to a new model or are you totally happy as is? Let me know in the comments and thanks for watching.

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