Opera GX Download Free – 108.0.5067.43

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Opera GX Download Free – 108.0.5067.43

Opera GX allows gamers to set limits on CPU, RAM, and network usage, use Discord and Twitch from the browser sidebar, and connect mobile and desktop browsers with the Flow file-sharing feature. With Opera GX you can also customize the browser’s color scheme to match your gaming setup.

Opera GX is based on the well-regarded Opera browser, but built specifically for gamers.

Is Opera GX better than Chrome?

Opera GX was designed specifically for a gaming audience, while Chrome is a multipurpose browser. Both browsers do nearly the same, but Opera GX comes with more features out of the box, like letting you configure the browser to use a small percentage of RAM or a battery-saving mode for laptops.

What’s the difference between Opera and Opera GX?

Opera GX comes with extra features aimed at gamers and optimizing PC performance. One example of this is the Hot Tabs Killer feature, which allows you to see which tabs consume the most CPU or RAM resources in a more intuitive way compared to Chromium’s default task manager. Opera and Opera GX are based on the Chromium open source project and offer similar privacy features. Also, both Opera versions include ad blockers, block trackers and a built-in VPN.

What are Opera GX’s top three features?

Gaming oriented features like network, CPU and RAM limiter. Second, its Discord and Twitch integration. And another useful feature is the built-in VPN.

GX Control

Need every ounce of power your machine can give you? No need to close your browser. GX Control lets you set limits on how much RAM and CPU usage your browser will take up.

RAM Limiter

GX Control’s RAM limiter lets you choose how much memory Opera GX uses. The default setting in the RAM Limiter aims to strike a balance between memory use and experience. The browser will try to stay at or below the selected memory allotment, but it will prioritize experience over the strict memory amount. For example, if it’s able to keep a stream going or a cloud-based file active, it will let the memory usage go slightly over the set limit. The Hard Limit setting forces the browser to stay under the chosen memory limit no matter what. The browser will not for any reason exceed the selected memory cap, even if browsing experience must be sacrificed.

CPU Limiter

The CPU Limiter lets you put a cap on how much of your computer’s processing the browser uses, so the rest can be reserved for gaming. The goal of both GX Control features is to enable you to always be able to keep your browser open, even if you’re playing or streaming a resource-heavy game.

Twitch Integration

Never miss a live stream. With Twitch right in your sidebar, you can easily see channels you follow, who’s online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live.

Integrated Messengers

Chat and browse at the same time with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp integrated right into the sidebar.

What’s New

Opera GX adds an official Cyberpunk 2077 browser mod. You can download it for free from the GX.store

Android version updated to 2.4.2

Ever been caught playing games when you should have been studying? Do you browse sites that you’re not proud of and don’t want anyone to see? Viewing explicit content when you should be updating the monthly sales spreadsheet? A recent study by Opera GX shows that 36% of respondents admit to accessing inappropriate content while at school or work. Browsing what your heart desires can be risky business, especially when there are prying eyes around. But with Panic Button from Opera GX, the browser for gamers, your days of getting caught could be over.

Panic Button is a new feature that acts as an indispensable defense against prying observers and unexpected drop-ins. The next time your boss suddenly returns early from lunch while you’re streaming League of Legends tournaments, you can quickly hit the F12 key and the Panic Button is activated. This quickly mutes and pauses playback from all tabs and forces open a new window of totally bland, “safe” content, keeping your secrets safe for another day. To restore all tabs to the previous state you just need to press the F12 button again.

Panic Button comes with a list of pre-installed websites that you can choose as your “safe” tab, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Wikipedia. You can also choose your own totally bland websites, such as tractor fan clubs, baby animals websites, or even stock data. To use Panic Button, all GX users need to activate the “Early Bird” option first in the settings of the browser.

Opera GX isn’t just for fast and discreet browsing. The only browser designed for gamers also features a myriad of customization options, including color themes, sound effects, background music, as well as CPU, RAM, and Network Bandwidth limiters designed to leave more of the computer’s resources for gaming.

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