OLED iPad Pro release date might have leaked

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OLED iPad Pro release date might have leaked

Where are the OLED iPad Pro and iPad Air 6? According to the latest leaks, their release date could be next week. Chinese leaker Instant Digital on Weibo (via MacRumors) posted that we could see some “sort of announcement from Apple” related to the new iPad on March 26, the following Tuesday.

Interestingly, IT Home also claims the same for the new OLED iPad Pro and iPad Air release date. Still, the publication doesn’t seem to have insider information besides connecting the dots with several Amazon listings for third-party cases saying they will launch new accessories on that date.

OLED iPad Pro release date could actually take a bit longer

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With the end of the month nearing, it feels like an announcement by Apple is imminent, especially after a quiet week. Still, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, who was the one saying Cupertino would announce the new iPad Pro and iPad Air later in March or early April, might have some bad news.

In his latest Power On newsletter, the journalist writes that Apple is still finishing the “special variant” of iPadOS 17.4, which is designed for these new models. He says: “Once the OS is finished, Apple needs to send it off to the factories to be installed on the new hardware. That process could last a couple of weeks, probably taking us deeper into next month.”

iPad Air (2022) CameraImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

With that, while Chinese leakers might expect the OLED iPad Pro release date to be next week, we might have to wait until mid-April for a proper announcement. In addition, with another report saying that the 11-inch iPad Pro is in short supply, Apple might take advantage of its OS delay so that Samsung and LG can produce enough panels.

Wrap up

Still, anything can happen. Apple could announce the OLED iPad Pro anytime now but start pre-orders and official sales a few weeks later. In addition, it’s unclear if both iPad Pro and iPad Air will be announced together or in a few days or weeks apart.

Below, you can learn more about everything we know about the OLED iPad Pro.

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