OLED iPad Pro delay might’ve been explained – it was a new issue

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Another report gives us more clarification on why the OLED iPad Pro has been repeatedly delayed. This device was first expected to launch in March or early April. Still, as the weeks went by, a few reports said the OLED iPad Pro would be delayed due to issues with the production of 11-inch panels, in addition to Apple requiring more time to prepare a special version of iPadOS 17.4.

With that, the OLED iPad Pro release is now expected in early May. Now, a paywalled story by DigiTimes (via MacRumors) shows that Apple faced yet another supply chain issue, which is why this tablet’s release has been postponed repeatedly.

According to the publication, Taiwanese manufacturers had issues with the camera lens mass production, which made the upcoming iPad “repeatedly postponed.” Luckily, the report vaguely mentions that a “production launch” could take place in May, which means these issues are likely fixed.

Three main issues delayed the OLED iPad Pro launch

OLED iPad Pro delay might’ve been explained – it was a new issueImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

While customers eagerly wait for a new iPad, these are the main reasons why this device is delayed:

  • Special software development: Apple needed extra time to develop a special iPadOS version for this tablet; at this moment, it’s unclear why;
  • OLED panel production issues: Samsung had issues manufacturing the 11-inch OLED panel. Apple gave LG part of this order, so this also delayed the launch of this tablet;
  • Camera lens manufacturer issue: Now, DigiTimes says manufacturers couldn’t mass produce the new camera lens for this new iPad, but the problem has now been fixed, apparently.

All expectations for an early May release

With all that in mind, we’re still hoping Apple releases the OLED iPad Pro in May – if there are no delays. Still, the company could announce this tablet in late April and start selling it a week or two later.

This release is so exciting because Apple might also launch two new iPad Air models, a revamped Magic Keyboard, and the Apple Pencil 3.

However, if you don’t want to wait for the OLED iPad Pro, you could also buy its most expensive replacement: Apple Vision Pro.

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