Nvidia Reveals Omniverse Cloud Streams to the Vision Pro – Video

Mike Powers
Nvidia Reveals Omniverse Cloud Streams to the Vision Pro – Video

Speaker 1: From the design department to the art departments, the architecture department, all the way to the engineering and even the marketing department. Let’s take a look at how Nissan has integrated Omniverse into their workflow, and it’s all because it’s connected by all these wonderful tools and these developers that we’re working with. Take a look. Unbelievable. [00:01:30] That was not an [00:02:00] animation, that was omniverse. Today we’re announcing that omniverse Cloud streams to the Vision Pro, and

Speaker 1: It is very, very strange that you walk around virtual doors when I was getting out of that car and everybody does it. It is really, really [00:02:30] quite amazing vision connected to Omniverse portals, you into Omniverse, and because all of these CAD tools and all these different design tools are now integrated and connected to Omniverse, you can have this type of workflow really incredible. Let’s talk about robotics. Everything that moves will be robotic. There’s no question about that. It’s safer, it’s more convenient, and one of the largest industries is going to be automotive. We build the robotic stack from top to bottom, as I always mentioned [00:03:00] from the computer system, but in the case of self-driving cars, including the self-driving cloud application. At the end of this year, or I guess beginning of next year, we will be shipping in Mercedes and then shortly after that, JLR.

Speaker 1: And so these autonomous robotics systems are software defined. They take a lot of work to do, has computer vision, has obviously artificial intelligence, control and planning all kinds of very complicated technology and takes years to refine. We’re building the entire stack, [00:03:30] however, we open up our entire stack for all of the automotive industry. This is just the way we work, the way we work in every single industry. We try to build as much of it as we can so that we understand it, but then we open it up so everybody can access it. Whether you would like to buy just our computer, which is the world’s only full functional, safe, A LD system that can run ai, this functional safe, a LD quality computer or the operating system on top, [00:04:00] or of course, our data centers, which is in basically every AV company in the world. However you would like to enjoy it. We’re delighted by it.

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