Best Smart Home Gyms for 2024

Mike Powers
Best Smart Home Gyms for 2024

Budget: Smart home gyms tend to be expensive and can easily cost a minimum of $1,000. Therefore it’s an investment you want to make sure is going to be worth it for your home and exercise preferences. Consider how much you’re willing to spend and what’s included in that price.

Space: Many smart home gyms are relatively large pieces of equipment. Before purchasing one, make sure you have enough room to set it up and move around it. For example, if you’re purchasing a machine such as a treadmill, it’s ideal to look for one that folds for easier storage. Whereas if you are purchasing a smart fitness mirror you’ll want to make sure that wherever you mount it there’s still room to exercise in front of it. 

Versatility: Smart home gyms usually offer more than one function. If you’re buying a smart home gym, make sure it also offers a variety of classes so you can build a well-rounded workout. If you want personal training, make sure the smart home gym offers it as an option. 

Membership options: Since smart home gyms typically replace a gym membership, you’ll want to make sure that the membership provided will allow multiple user profiles so your whole family can use it. 

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