Best Board Game Deals: 24 Strategy Games, Card Games, RPGs and More at a Discount

Mike Powers
Best Board Game Deals: 24 Strategy Games, Card Games, RPGs and More at a Discount

$17 at Amazon

The Haunted Mansion Disneyland Edition: $17

Save $8

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to duke it out with family during game night challenges or work together with cooperative play options, there’s nothing like getting together with a great game. From heady strategy games to fast-paced card games and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. April 11 marks National Board Game Day, which makes it the perfect time to set aside the Xbox controller and dive into a more analog experience with friends and family — and these deals are just the ticket to help you fill out your game collection for less. 

Haunted Mansion is one of my family’s favorite Disneyland rides and movies, and now it’s one of our favorite board games too. The game itself is a card management game where you try and get as many of certain types of cards as possible while trying to avoid being haunted by the traveling ghost.


You’ve probably heard about Cards Against Humanity, a party game that’s often too rude for young kids to play. Kids Against Maturity takes the same game premise — the person who makes the judge laugh the most wins the hand — but makes it just a little naughty instead. 

This is a great entry to family night and lets your kids feel like they’re getting away with something they shouldn’t be doing, but with your guidance and consent. It’s a lot of fun for everyone. Just be sure to activate the instant coupon on the product page to get the full discount. 


Windward is a newer and fairly lighthearted strategy game that’s earned a spot on our list of the best strategy games for 2023. Designed for up to five players, you play as the captain of a flying ship navigating the unpredictable winds of the gas planet Celus. Build your crew and compete against other captains as you attempt to outmaneuver each other and be the first to bring gas back to your city.


This monster battle game lets you try your hand (claw?) at being some of cinema’s most well-known monsters. Each player picks a different monster and battles it out with others to see who will be the last one standing in Tokyo. It’s a fun and lighthearted game, and great for some quick kicks, as it has just a 30-minute play time.


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