Apple’s FineWoven case restored to like new after looking terrible

Mike Powers
Apple’s FineWoven case restored to like new after looking terrible

Remember when Apple announced it would no longer use leather in accessories and introduced FineWoven as a replacement? Remember how the internet basically exploded, screaming that FineWoven was hot garbage and that it wouldn’t hold up?

I remember. I remember seeing photos of people basically keying up walls of FineWoven cases in Apple Stores like a block of cars in your neighborhood. The majority of the internet was very clear — everyone hates FineWoven, and Apple should go back to leather, the environment be damned!

I went hands-on with FineWoven when I ordered the iPhone 15 Pro case and wallet when Apple launched them back in September of 2023. When I tried the case and the wallet, I came to the immediate conclusion that most of the people screaming online were jumping on a bandwagon and had not actually tried this material for themselves.

Image source: Joe Wituschek / BGR

At the time, this was my first impression: “I like it so far. It still feels premium while also feeling soft and durable, and it definitely still adds character to my iPhone 15 Pro (when I get it). I’m also happy to know that I’m using a material that is much better for the environment. I’m looking forward to living with it for a while and seeing how it does.”

So, how do I feel six months later? I’m even more bullish on FineWoven. Sure, my case has received some indentation from the MagSafe Wallet, but Apple told me to prepare for that — and I experienced a bit of that with my previous leather case and wallet anyway. But what if your FineWoven case has gotten really dirty? I’ve seen some horrendous-looking cases that looked like someone dragged their case through dirt for six months. Does that mean FineWoven isn’t holding up?

You can’t do this with a leather case

Enter Faruk from iPhonedo. The technology YouTuber decided to purchase a particularly disgusting FineWoven case and try to restore it. After running the case under some warm water, dabbing it with some laundry detergent, and scrubbing it with a soft brush, he was able to restore the case to an incredible condition.

Just look at the thumbnail below and then watch the video. It really shows how durable this material is and how well you can restore it if you just clean your case every once in a while. Faruk points out: “I can’t do anything like this to my leather cases.” Great point, Faruk. For anyone still trashing FineWoven and pushing for a return to leather, take a look:

I know that there are always exceptions, but I think this is further proof that Apple made the right call with its switch to FineWoven. It’s a restorable material. It was already better for the environment than leather, and this makes it even better — not only for the Earth but also for those of us who want a good-looking case on our phones.

Like Faruk said, “Just clean it! It’s okay!” Game over, leatherheads.

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