Apple Vision Pro app significantly improves the Netflix experience

Mike Powers
Apple Vision Pro app significantly improves the Netflix experience

Shortly before Apple launched the Vision Pro earlier this year, Netflix announced that it wouldn’t be building a native visionOS app for the spatial computer. If you want to watch The Gentlemen or Stranger Things on your Vision Pro, you have to visit on a browser. At least, that was the case until a new third-party app arrived.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, 19-year-old Australian developer Christian Privitelli recently released a new paid app called Supercut on the App Store. The app claims to offer “enhanced versions” of both Netflix and Prime Video for Apple Vision Pro.

Instead of watching Netflix in a tab on your browser, Supercut lets you browse the service on a glassy background that looks like other visionOS apps. Native controls are built into the app with shortcuts to movies and shows as well as account switching. You can also look at a microphone present on the window and start talking to search for content.

Most notably, Supercut is currently the only way to watch Netflix with Dolby Atmos spatial audio technology. If you want your Netflix shows and movies to sound great, this is the app you need. Plus, you can watch in 4K and Dolby Vision if you have the right plan.

As noted above, this is a paid app. If you want Supercut on your Apple Vision Pro, you’ll have to cough up $4.99, but that’s a pretty small price to pay for everything the app offers. Privitelli says that he will expand the app to support more services in the future.

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