App Lock is the best solution to protect your data

Mike Powers
App Lock is the best solution to protect your data

Protecting sensitive data on the iPhone in case it’s stolen is one of our top priorities. Even though Apple has been expanding iPhone security by introducing Stolen Device Protection, which requires the user to double authenticate major changes on iOS, sometimes that isn’t enough to prevent criminals from accessing our bank account, photos, or other data.

Previously, BGR covered App Lock, which can help you add a layer of privacy to your iPhone and Mac. Developed by Lilucat, App Lock is a privacy app designed to keep your sensitive apps private and secure on your device. The developers say the app lets you “easily block any app you want, ensuring that you remain private and out of sight from prying eyes.”

While this feature is already good enough, BGR recently revealed how to instantly lock any iPhone app behind Face ID – for free, thanks to a shortcut. Still, I think the developers behind Lilucat outdid themselves by adding a new function that conceals apps, making them vanish from your Home Screen, App Library, and Search until you want them back.

How to hide iPhone apps using App Lock

Image source: José Adorno for BGR

Here’s how to hide your iPhone apps using this app:

  • Once you download App Lock, just tap the “Conceal Apps” tab
  • You can select up to 50 apps
  • Once you’re done, choose the “Start” option.

From now on, all of the apps selected are hidden and you won’t be able to find them on your Search, App Library, or Home Screen.

For the ultimate protection, I recommend you go to the “Lock Apps” tab and lock the same apps you’re concealing. This way, you’re completely protecting your most sensitive data.

Here’s why App Lock might be the best solution to protect your data

iPhone Lock AppImage source: José Adorno for BGR

What I like the most about this app is the fact that the developers thought about every loophole criminals could take advantage of. Hear me out:

  • If you hide an app, you could reveal it by searching for it on Settings;
  • But if they’re revealed, you could still have it instantly locked;
  • In addition, instead of using your Face ID to access App Lock, which could turn off all of these features, you can use a different PIN from your iPhone Lock Screen’s PIN to protect your data completely.
  • And if you think someone could just erase the app so you’d lose these settings, think it over. In the “Advanced” tab, you can deny app installation or removal. You can even prevent people from changing the device passcode, lock app cellular data, and so much more.

Wrap Up

App Lock is free to download but requires a monthly ($4.99) or yearly subscription ($14.99) to unlock these features: up to 50 locked apps, unlimited sessions, faster e-mail response, and priority access to new functions. That said, you can try three sessions free of charge to see if you think the app is useful first, but then it requires a subscription.

You can find it here on the App Store. It requires iOS 16 or later and a Mac with Apple’s M1 chip or later running at least macOS 13.

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