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Windows Is Getting Its Own AI Upscaler on Copilot+ For Gaming

Microsoft is getting its own AI upscaling technology baked straight into Windows 11 that will

By Mike Powers

Microsoft Says You Don’t Have to Use Recall On Copilot+ If You Don’t Want To

Microsoft finally addressed customers’ and researchers’ concerns about its auto-screenshotting, AI-enabled Recall feature. The company

By Mike Powers

Everything You Need to Know About Copilot+

New Snapdragon X chips promise intense performance on the new ARM-based PCs, but they also

By Mike Powers

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 11’s Recall Feature

Out of all the big blowout declarations from Microsoft Build, from the launch of all

By Mike Powers

Microsoft Has Some Interesting Perks for Buying a Copilot+ PC

Microsoft wants to convince you that a chip tuned for AI will all be worth

By Mike Powers

How to Turn Off Start Menu Ads in Windows 11

Look, Ma! No ads!Screenshot: Florence Ion / GizmodoI didn’t realize that Microsoft had pushed out

By Mike Powers

The 8 Most Annoying Things About Windows 11

We’ve all been there before. You unbox your shiny new PC, everything preinstalled, and you’re

By Mike Powers

How To Keep Your Laptop or Desktop Well Maintained

Like anything mechanical—your car, for example, or your washing machine—your laptop or desktop computer will

By Mike Powers

Still Using Windows 10? Microsoft Will Charge You Hundreds for Security Updates

Photo: Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto (Getty Images)We’ve known for some time that Microsoft is dropping support for

By Mike Powers

Here Are Some Easy Ways to Make Windows More Secure

There are a lot of different parts that make up Windows, and you’d be forgiven

By Mike Powers

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