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Apple’s iPhone Spyware Problem Is Getting Worse. Here’s What You Should Know

Despite NSO Group’s claims, spyware has continued to target journalists, dissidents, and protesters. Saudi journalist

By Mike Powers

Change Healthcare Finally Admits It Paid Ransomware Hackers—and Still Faces a Patient Data Leak

For Change Healthcare and the beleaguered medical practices, hospitals, and patients that depend on it,

By Mike Powers

Windows vulnerability reported by the NSA exploited to install Russian malware

Getty Images Kremlin-backed hackers have been exploiting a critical Microsoft vulnerability for four years in

By Mike Powers

The XZ Backdoor: Everything You Need to Know

On Friday, a lone Microsoft developer rocked the world when he revealed a backdoor had

By Mike Powers

New variant of “TheMoon” malware enslaves thousands of insecure Asus routers into a malicious proxy

Internet insecurity: Modern cybercrime employs strategies similar to cloud or remote services, with commercial partnerships

By Mike Powers

Malware risk and apps notarization

After Apple announced the various changes it’s ready to make to the iPhone so it

By Mike Powers

Fujitsu says it found malware on its corporate community, warns of possible data breach

Getty Images Japan-based IT behemoth Fujitsu said it has discovered malware on its corporate network

By Mike Powers

Google Chrome gets real-time phishing and malware protection with upgraded Safe Browsing feature

In a nutshell: Google announced two new security features for its Chrome web browser to

By Mike Powers

Never-before-seen Linux malware gets installed using 1-day exploits

Getty Images Researchers have unearthed Linux malware that circulated in the wild for at least

By Mike Powers

Malware worm targets AI models to steal data and spam users

As worrisome as it might be that generative AI models such as ChatGPT and Gemini

By Mike Powers

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