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Deal Dive: Human Native AI is building the marketplace for AI training licensing deals

AI systems and large language models need to be trained on massive amounts of data

By Mike Powers

A Bird Flu Virus Has Killed Its First Human

A particular type of bird flu has now killed its first human. On Wednesday, Mexican

By Mike Powers

Human Infected With Bird Flu in Michigan, Only the Second Case of Current Outbreak

The state of Michigan reported its first human case of H5N1, commonly called the bird

By Mike Powers

Scientists Find Microplastics in Human and Dog Testicles

It seems that nobody—and no body part—is safe from microplastics. In a recent study, researchers

By Mike Powers

GPT-4o voice sounds almost human, and that’s a good thing

OpenAI stunned the world on Monday with its live demo of GPT-4o, its newest multimodal

By Mike Powers

The Download: Mapping the human mind, and a Hong Kong protest anthem crackdown

The news: A team led by scientists from Harvard and Google has created a 3D,

By Mike Powers

Google helped make an exquisitely detailed map of a tiny piece of the human brain

Many other brain atlases exist, but most provide much lower-resolution data. At the nanoscale, researchers

By Mike Powers

The way whales communicate is closer to human language than we realized

A team of researchers led by Pratyusha Sharma at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

By Mike Powers

Dark Matter’s Twisty Sci-Fi Thrills Have a Very Human Heart

A physics professor with a pretty great life—cool Chicago brownstone, cool wife, cool teenage son—is

By Mike Powers

Sperm Whale Communication Is Remarkably Similar to Human Language, Research Suggests

Sperm whales’ clicking communiques include context and combination structures that make their messaging more akin

By Mike Powers

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