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Apple’s AI Cloud System Makes Big Privacy Promises, but Can It Keep Them?

Apple’s new Apple Intelligence system is designed to infuse generative AI into the core of

By Mike Powers

A Real Photo Won an AI Photo Contest

In a novel twist of fate, a not-AI photograph masquerading as an AI-produced image won

By Mike Powers

This Entrepreneur Wants You to Elect His AI Bot to British Parliament

AI isn’t just running lots of your favorite software applications these days. In some parts

By Mike Powers

AI Detectors Get It Wrong. Writers Are Being Fired Anyway

Kimberly Gasuras doesn’t use AI. “I don’t need it,” she said. “I’ve been a news

By Mike Powers

Apple Bursts Onto the AI Stage with Apple Intelligence, ChatGPT, and Multimodal Siri

Apple revealed its partnership with OpenAI during the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, integrating ChatGPT

By Mike Powers

Everything You Need to Know About Copilot+

New Snapdragon X chips promise intense performance on the new ARM-based PCs, but they also

By Mike Powers

Scarlett Johansson Says She Warned OpenAI to Not Use Her Voice

OpenAI asked Scarlett Johansson to provide voice acting that would be used in the company’s

By Mike Powers

Everything Announced at Google I/O So Far

Photo: GoogleYou only need two letters to describe best the latest iteration of Google’s big

By Mike Powers

People Are Going to Fall in Love With the Flirty GPT-4 Omni

OpenAI unveiled GPT-4o on Monday, showcasing the real-time audio features that make it seem like

By Mike Powers

Your AI Dates My AI

Photo: Jerod Harris (Getty Images)Bumble Founder and Executive Chair Whitney Wolfe Herd defended her dating

By Mike Powers

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