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The Mysterious X Factor Behind 2023’s Unbelievable Heat

This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here.Arctic Blast

By Mike Powers

Chinese Probe Heads Back to Earth With Samples From the Moon’s Mysterious Far Side

The Chang’e 6 lander on the lunar surface.Image: CNSAAfter a short visit to the Moon’s

By Mike Powers

Newly Discovered Exoplanet Has Nearly the Same Surface Temperatures as Earth

A newly discovered exoplanet, with its remarkably temperate surface temperature, is suddenly one of the

By Mike Powers

What Would Happen If a Massive Solar Storm Hit Earth?

This article was originally published on August 20, 2015.We all know that major storms can

By Mike Powers

A Planet Just 41 Light-Years From Earth Has an Atmosphere and Is (*41*) in a Magma Ocean

Scientists have spotted a rocky exoplanet with a possible atmosphere, which they believe may be

By Mike Powers

Human composting and timber marketplaces: talking “industrial” VC with investor Dayna Grayson

While the venture world is abuzz over generative AI, Dayna Grayson, a longtime venture capitalist

By Mike Powers

New Research Points to Violent Origin of Enigmatic Earth ‘Quasi-Moon’

For nearly a decade, a near-Earth asteroid named Kamo’oalewa has invoked speculation over how it

By Mike Powers

Earth Day Deals 2024: Save Some Green on Eco-Friendly Tech and Home Products

Avocado is offering huge savings on its range of organic, vegan and eco-friendly mattresses with

By Mike Powers

The Space Force Is About to Play Space Wars in Earth Orbit

The U.S. Space Force is partnering with two companies to launch a demonstration mission of

By Mike Powers

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