Star Wars Outlaws Is Ready to Heist Away in August

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Star Wars Outlaws Is Ready to Heist Away in August

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There’ve been plenty of Star Wars games, from shooters and racers to action-adventures and even dancing games. But you know what we haven’t in game form? Heists, which is what makes the upcoming (and very promising) Star Wars Outlaws from Massive Entertainment so exciting: criminals traveling the galaxy, pulling off crimes and getting away by the skin of their teeth? Hell yeah.

Check out the brand-new trailer:

Star Wars Outlaws: Official Story Trailer

Set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, players take on the role of Kay Vess, a young criminal hoping to earn her freedom. She’s also looking to make it big with the best heist this galaxy’s ever seen. Kay, her pet Nix, and droid buddy ND-5 go from planet to planet pulling off jobs and fleeing from the Empire when things get a little too hot. Like other games of this type, Kay will also get mixed up with a variety of characters with equal (or greater) proficiency in the criminal world than her.

The promise of a new Star Wars game is always exciting, especially since this is the first fully open-world game in the franchise. Studios have previously tried (and failed) to get one off the ground, but this is something Ubisoft’s an expert in: from stealth takedowns to shootouts and vehicle combat, all of it all will feel familiar in some way. And yet… the appeal of criminal escapades is too enticing to discount here: we’ve seen what really great heists look like in this universe, so here’s hoping Outlaws delivers on that above all else.

Star Wars Outlaws comes to PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S on August 30.

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