Quantum Leap’s Time Runs Out as NBC Cancels Revival Series

Mike Powers

Raymond Lee in NBC's Quantum Leap.

Image: NBC

The 2022  Quantum Leap series has been canceled by NBC after a two-season run.

Per Deadline, the cancellation news comes following the show’s finale back in mid-February. According to the outlet, the network was previously unsure if the show would go past season two—by comparison, it greenlit a second season as the first was on its winter break. By several accounts (including us), the show was perfectly solid and mostly faithful to its source, though it didn’t have quite the same amount of fun as the original series. To date, it’s the only show from the 2023-2024 season that NBC’s canceled, as it previously renewed the various Dick Wolf-led shows and new series Found and The Irrational.

“Just wanted to say thank you to our QL fans and those who’ve tuned in,” wrote Raymond Lee, who played series lead Ben Song. “Your support was felt and always warmly received. You all have made it the ride of a lifetime.”

A similar farewell was written by co-lead Caitlin Bassett (Adeline Augustine): “Farewell, Leapers. Thank you so much for every moment of this amazing journey. And thank you, NBC and Universal TV, for the ride of a lifetime.”

The season two finale ended with Ben and Addison reunited (again) and traveling through time together. After it aired, showrunners Martin Gero and Dean Georgaris told Deadline they’d written it as a series finale on the chance NBC didn’t greenlight more seasons, and that it’d already been written prior to Hollywood strikes. “We were going to end it on the first scene from Season 3,” said Georgaris, “and we’re going to end it with the two characters together, but in a way that you never expected. […] So if it feels like a completion for audiences, that’s wonderful. It is a completion of part of the journey, but I think for us, it serves as the launch for the rest of the journey.”

With the show now officially over, you can catch the new Quantum Leap over on Peacock.

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