Fallout Just Moved Up Its Early Release Even Earlier

Mike Powers
Fallout Just Moved Up Its Early Release Even Earlier

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Amazon really wants you to watch Fallout this week. Like, really: originally, the streamer announced its plans to venture to the wastelands on April 12. Then, about a month ago, it bumped that up to April 11. Now, with just a few days to go, its decided to kick you out of the vault a a day earlier.

Amazon has confirmed that now all eight episodes of the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy-produced series will drop on Prime Video at 9pm Eastern this Wednesday, April 10—alongside a global livestream of the premiere episode at the same time.

It certainly speaks to a level of confidence in the series that Amazon wants to get it in peoples’ hands sooner rather than later—the reaction to each new trailer has transformed from the typical video game adaptation hesitance to a cautious excitement. But it also seems like a surefire way to get people to not have any idea when your show is actually coming out to keep fiddling with the release date like this. Especially dropping it all at once—once the go-to move for streaming shows, but now less and less common to keep people’s attention coming back week after week.

Time will tell if Fallout will blow up like thermonuclear war or land like a dud—but I guess we’ll find out even sooner now.

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