Elon Musk Confirms He’s Been Roleplaying as a Toddler for Years

Mike Powers
Elon Musk Confirms He’s Been Roleplaying as a Toddler for Years

A 108-page deposition of Elon Musk went public on Monday, as first reported on by HuffPost. The deposition occurred on March 28, where the billionaire discussed his strange alternate X accounts. One of the filings in the case is @ermnmusk, according to HuffPost, an account long suspected to be a Musk burner where he roleplays as his toddler. The two-hour deposition is part of a lawsuit that alleges Musk falsely accused a 22-year-old Jewish man of participating in a Neo-Nazi brawl.

In his deposition, Musk is asked several questions about this alt account, which HuffPost identifies as @ermnmusk. He refers to the alt as a “test account” that he “briefly used,” in the transcript. Last April, Motherboard first suspected @ermnmusk to be an Elon burner account thanks to a screenshot shared by Musk in April 2023.

The Wayback Machine reveals several strange, deleted tweets Musk shared from this account such as “I will finally turn 3 on May 4th!” which is the actual birthdate and age of his son X AE A-XII. Other deleted tweets are “For the love of God, can someone follow me,” as well as, “Do you like Japanese girls?” and lastly, “I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun.”

The defamation lawsuit is filed by Ben Brody, a 22-year-old Jewish man who claims to be the victim of a conspiracy theory Musk purportedly amplified. A video went viral on X of a neo-Nazi and ne0-fascist rally that was broken up, according to HuffPost. Users online reportedly claimed the rally was fake, and conducted by federal agents, identifying Ben Brody as one of them. Musk engaged with and responded to several of these tweets, and his posts are still active today.

Musk references another alternate account in the deposition, listed as “baby smoke 9,000” in the court transcription. No such account exists on X, though it could be a typo referring to @babysmurf9000, another long-suspected Elon burner. A Medium article from Oct. 2023 says Elon confirmed this to be his alt in an X Spaces. That account is still active today, with its last tweet on April 4. The @babysmurf9000 account displays much more common Elon behavior, and it’s followed by venture capitalist Marc Andreessen.

“You are an idiot,” said @babysmurf9000 in response to a Mark Cuban tweet saying X is “warm and welcoming.”

“BBC is dumber than a sack of bricks,” the account said replying to a BBC tweet linking to an article on confusion regarding policy changes on X’s tweet limit.

Another tweet from the supposed alt account appeared to mock a Signature Bank president for leading a Pride Council meeting on proper pronoun usage. “His pronouns are Money/Gone,” said the account.

These alternate accounts were revealed in a broader examination of how Musk uses the X platform in the deposition. The lawsuit describes Musk’s conduct as “astonishingly reckless.” Despite the strange discourse revealed by his alt accounts, the case is largely concerned with how the owner of X wields his main account on X with over 179 million followers.

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