Breaking Down the Sithy Secrets of Tales of the Empire’s New Trailer

Mike Powers

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We cut to the waiting Inquisitors, which includes Barriss in her Inquisitorius armor—confirming that she is indeed the one we saw running towards the Fourth Sister’s duel earlier. She’s joined by the Fourth Sister and two familiar faces: the crow-like masked Inquisitor, so far unidentified by title, that Ahsoka killed at the climax of her story in Tales of the Jedi–and, speaking of her, none other than Marrok, the iconic jobber from Ahsoka.

Marrok’s presence here is very interesting—and perhaps, given his eventual connection to Morgan during the events of Ahsoka through Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati—a way to link these two different time periods in Tales of the Empire. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to learn how Marrok also happened to become a weird ass fart-ghost thingie here!

No doubt we’ll find out more as we draw closer to Tales of the Empire’s rise—the series begins streaming on Disney+ on Star Wars Day, May 4.

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