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United States vs. Ireland 2024 livestream: Watch T20 World Cup for free

TL;DR: Watch United States vs. Ireland in the 2024 Men's T20 World Cup for free

By Mike Powers

CDC Says Cucumbers Likely Cause of Salmonella Outbreak in 25 States

The cucumbers that are potentially making people sick, in a photo distributed by the FDA

By Mike Powers

In Seoul summit, heads of states and companies commit to AI safety

Government officials and AI industry executives agreed on Tuesday to apply elementary safety measures in

By Mike Powers

AI models can outperform humans in tests to identify mental states

Theory of mind is a hallmark of emotional and social intelligence that allows us to

By Mike Powers

Somehow This $10,000 Flame-Thrower Robot Dog Is Completely Legal in 48 States

If you've been wondering when you’ll be able to order the flame-throwing robot that Ohio-based

By Mike Powers

Bluesky now allows heads of states to sign up for the social network

Social networking platform Bluesky lifted its ban on sign-ups for heads of state over the

By Mike Powers

The Best Places to See Fossils in the United States

Into fossils? Taking a road trip across the country and looking for a side quest?

By Mike Powers

Do You Get Extra Time to Do Your Taxes? Yes, if You Live in One of These States

The majority of US taxpayers have to file income taxes by Monday, April 15. However, there

By Mike Powers

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