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The Affordable Connectivity Program Ends Today. Millions of Americans Might Lose Internet Access

Today marks the end of the Affordable Connectivity Program, a landmark piece of US government

By Mike Powers

Steam Changes Refund Policy to Stop Freeloaders

Image: T. Schneider (Shutterstock)Steam’s refund policy for games is simple: You have two hours to

By Mike Powers

Noncompetes Are Dead—and Tech Workers Are Free to Roam

More US workers will soon be free to leave their employers to work for rivals,

By Mike Powers

US Infrastructure Is Broken. Here’s an $830 Million Plan to Fix It

There’s one word that will get any American fuming, regardless of their political inclination: infrastructure.

By Mike Powers

Bluesky lifted its policy on heads of state signups

When Bluesky instituted its heads-of-state policy, the site was still in its showing-everyone’s-ass phase, and

By Mike Powers

Why China’s regulators are softening on its tech sector

So I was inspired after talking to Angela Huyue Zhang, a law professor in Hong

By Mike Powers

States Are Lining Up to Outlaw Lab-Grown Meat

The pushback from legislators sympathetic to ranchers and the broader meat industry puts cultivated meat

By Mike Powers

The ‘Emergency Powers’ Risk of a Second Trump Presidency

Donald Trump appears to dream of being an American authoritarian should he return to office.

By Mike Powers

US Lawmaker Cited NYC Protests in a Defense of Warrantless Spying

The second slide in Turner’s presentation featured the tweet by Foldi, which likewise references a

By Mike Powers

Inside Registered Agents Inc., the Shadowy Firm Pushing the Limits of Business Privacy

Since 2008, Dan Keen has grown his business from a small company serving customers in

By Mike Powers

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