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New Cybertruck Owner Learns the Hard Way That Coolant Leaks Aren’t Covered by Warranty

The hits just keep on coming with the Tesla Cybertruck. Yet another owner has reported

By Mike Powers

Why a deluge of Chinese-made drugs is hard to curb

Thousands of Chinese companies are making synthetic opioids and shipping them around the world. Source

By Mike Powers

Why it’s so hard for China’s chip industry to become self-sufficient

But in the last few years, both the US and Chinese governments have changed that

By Mike Powers

The DiskMantler can take apart a hard drive in as little as 8 seconds by vigorously shaking it

Why it matters: The options for destroying a hard drive have left much to be

By Mike Powers

The hard lessons of Harvard’s failed geoengineering experiment

The basic concept behind solar geoengineering is that by spraying certain particles high above the

By Mike Powers

The 16 Best External Hard Drives and SSDs for 2024

View details $120 at Best Buy Best ultrafast gaming SSD for PCs and consoles WD

By Mike Powers

7 Best External Hard Drives (2024): SSDs, Hard Drives, Rugged

I've used this drive to make weekly backups for almost two years and have had

By Mike Powers

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