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The 8 Most Annoying Things About Windows 11

We’ve all been there before. You unbox your shiny new PC, everything preinstalled, and you’re

By Mike Powers

Microsoft’s Copilot AI Snapdragon X Elite PCs

I’m a longtime iPhone and Mac user who isn’t likely to switch to a new

By Mike Powers

Microsoft Copilot Now Has GPT-4 Turbo for Free: What to Know

Microsoft's artificial intelligence assistant, Copilot, has received an upgrade to its free tier. GPT-4 Turbo, the

By Mike Powers

AI is keeping GitHub chief legal officer Shelley McKinley busy

GitHub’s chief legal officer, Shelley McKinley, has plenty on her plate, what with legal wrangles around

By Mike Powers

Free month available in iPhone and Android app

If you want to see what the best premium generative AI models can do compared

By Mike Powers

Microsoft Copilot Is Now Offering GPT-4 Turbo for Free

Microsoft's artificial intelligence assistant Copilot has upped its game with a turbocharged upgrade to its free

By Mike Powers

Microsoft adds GPT-4 Turbo to the free tier of Copilot, replacing GPT-4; Copilot Pro users still have the option to use GPT-4 (John Callaham/Neowin)

John Callaham / Neowin: Microsoft adds GPT-4 Turbo to the free tier of Copilot, replacing

By Mike Powers

Copilot Pro custom GPT characteristic: How it works

One advantage of ChatGPT over the competition is that it lets you create custom GPTs

By Mike Powers

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