xAI open-sources base model of Grok, but without any training code

Mike Powers
xAI open-sources base model of Grok, but without any training code

Elon Musk’s xAI has open-sourced the base code of Grok AI model, but without any training code. The company described it as the “314 billion parameter Mixture-of-Expert model” on GitHub.

In a blog post, xAI said that the model wasn’t tuned for any particular application such as using it for conversations. The company noted that Grok-1 was trained on a “custom” stack without specifying details.

Last week, Musk noted on X that xAI intended to open-source the Grok model this week. The company released Grok in a chatbot form last year, accessible to Premium+ users of X social network.

Many notable companies have open-sourced some of their AI models including Meta’s LLaMa, Mistral, Falcon, and AI2. In February, Google also released two new open models called Gemma2B and Gemma7B.

Some AI-powered tool makers are already talking about using Grok in their solutions. Perplexity CEO Arvind Srinivas posted on X that the company will fine-tune Grok for conversational search and make it available to Pro users.

Musk has been in a legal battle with OpenAI and sued the company earlier this month over the “betrayal” of the nonprofit AI goal. Since then, he has called out OpenAI and Sam Altman on X multiple times.

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