Save $80 Off Our Favorite Cordless Vacuums for a Limited Time at Amazon

Mike Powers

While robot vacuums are undoubtedly cool, they tend to be expensive and don’t meet the cleaning requirements of all homes. Sure, it’s pretty great watching your little robot friend set about its chores, but that’s all it’s going to do — robot vacuums only clean your floors, which means they lack the versatility of a traditional vacuum. Cordless vacuums are much more versatile because they can be used to clean anything from the dog hair in the back of your car to the cobwebs in your lights. Whatever it is you need to clean, a cordless vacuum can do it.

The Tineco Pure One S11 is our top pick in 2024 and right now you can pick one up for just $219, a price that’s a full $80 off the usual going rate. And unlike so many of Amazon’s deals, this one doesn’t ask you to jump through hoops so there are no on-screen coupons or discount codes here. Just place the order and wait for your new vacuum to arrive. Do note that this is a limited-time deal, however, meaning it won’t stick around for long.

This Tineco stick vacuum kept up with, and even outperformed, plenty of pricier vacuums in our testing. It weighs in at just under 6 pounds, making it highly maneuverable, but it still boasts 130 watts of powerful suction for serious cleaning capabilities. It’s also equipped with a smart sensor that detects dust and debris, and it automatically adjusts suction power to help extend battery life. It runs up to 40 minutes on a single charge and has an LED display so you can monitor the battery level in real time. It’s also collapsable, so it can also be used as a handheld vacuum for extra versatility.

This Tineco deal is a good one, but you can also check out our full roundup of the best cordless vacuum deals for even more bargains.

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