Find the right AI tool for your needs

Mike Powers
Find the right AI tool for your needs

ChatGPT is one of the most popular generative AI chatbots. It’s a good tool for many tasks, especially now that it doesn’t require a login to work. You could just as easily use Microsoft’s Copilot (based on ChatGPT), Google’s Gemini, or Anthrophic’s Claude for similar experiences.

These AI models can understand your text and/or voice prompts and provide answers to your questions. And they can help with more complex tasks, like generating code.

Furthermore, we have text-based AI programs that can generate and edit images. Or tools that can make music out of prompts. The point is that GenAI has evolved so much in a little over a year that there are plenty of products to choose from.

Most of these GenAI products are available for free. Access to the latest large language models and newest features might need a paid subscription.

So, how do you find the right tool for you? Well, there’s a website called What AI Can Do Today that can help with that.

How What AI Can Do Today works

The creators actually used AI (OpenAI’s GPT-4 that powers ChatGPT Plus) to analyze over 5,800 AI tools and list over 30,000 tasks that AI can do today. Those figures are accurate as of this writing, and it’s likely the list will only grow in the future.

The website has a simple interface. You get a text prompt in the middle of the screen where you can ask your questions. It resembles Google Search, if you will. However, the search will focus on AI capabilities available from one of those thousands of AI programs that What AI Can Do Today analyzed.

You also get a list of suggestions with links to the AI programs or tools that you can use right away. There’s also a button that helps you filter AI tools by category, with over 100 items in it.

I’m looking for an AI tool that can edit images with prompts in this example. Image source: What Al Can Do Today?

Since OpenAI just added Dall-E image editing support to ChatGPT Plus, I used What AI Can Do Today to find AI tools that let me edit images with prompts. It gave me a large list of ideas, though ChatGPT Plus’s newest feature didn’t come up immediately.

I gave the website a longer instruction set, “generate images and then edit them with prompts,” and it quickly provided a new list of tools.

I then turned to something entirely different, asking What AI Can Do Today for AI programs that can help with medical advice. The results appeared again on the screen within seconds.

The point is that you can try all sorts of queries and see what works for you. It’ll take trial and error, and I’m sure not all the results What AI Can Do Today can offer will be useful. I’ll also point out that the website supports paid submissions of AI products via its parent site, Awesome AI Tools. But the website might be a good tool to keep in mind.

Maybe start your AI journey here…

Maybe it would be best to try and use ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot, or Claude to address your main question before using a website like What AI Can Do Today. These major AI models should be able to provide some decent answers to any question and direct you to other resources.

Finally, remember that ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft Copilot support custom GPTs that focus on specific tasks. If you have access to this functionality, it’s another avenue to try before going to What AI Can Do Today.

However, remember that GenAI products still hallucinate and can produce misleading information. That’s a problem for all generative AI chatbots, no matter how you get to them.

The more seasoned an AI user, the easier it’ll be to interact with AI, and choose what products to use. That said, you can still bookmark What AI Can Do Today as another AI resource that could help you in a bind.

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