Don’t update Minecraft through the Xbox app for now, it could erase your worlds

Mike Powers
Don’t update Minecraft through the Xbox app for now, it could erase your worlds

PSA: Minecraft players on Windows should avoid downloading the March 2024 update through the Xbox app. Doing so could lead to loss of data. Until a permanent fix arises, Microsoft has a workaround for safely patching the world’s most popular game.

Microsoft’s list of known issues for March 2024 game releases includes a notice warning PC Minecraft players that updating the game through the Xbox app could delete their worlds. The glitch does not affect other launchers. It’s unclear if the error affects only the Bedrock version, the Java edition, or both.

The company suggests using the Gaming Services Repair Tool for now. To do so, launch the Xbox app on Windows, click on your profile picture, then navigate to Support > Gaming Services Repair Tool > Start Troubleshooting. If successful, Gaming Services should update to version 19.87.13001.0 while sidestepping the problem.

Alternatively, users can download the repair tool from Microsoft’s support site without opening the Xbox app. Running the program opens a command prompt that will automatically verify data and download any required updates. Afterward, a Y/N prompt will appear, asking users to close the tool or send feedback to Microsoft.

Those who downloaded Minecraft on PC Game Pass will most likely be affected, as that service primarily operates through the Xbox app. Players who installed the game through the Microsoft Store or the official website haven’t reported issues.

Microsoft’s advisory also contained information about the Xbox versions of MLB The Show 24 and Final Fantasy XIV, which debut on the console this month.

Minecraft celebrates its 15th anniversary in May. Despite its age, it remains the world’s top-selling game. Last fall, Mojang announced that it had sold over 300 million copies – almost doubling Grand Theft Auto V’s sales. Furthermore, Minecraft’s popularity hasn’t slowed – the developer sold more than 100 million units in just the last three years.

Mojang released Trials & Trails, the most recent big update, last June. It introduced a new cherry blossom biome, camels, archaeology gameplay, and new equipment to help players tell their unique stories. The next significant update, the still-untitled version 1.21, is expected in mid-2024. The combat-focused expansion adds a procedurally generated dungeon called the trial chamber, which contains new loot and combat challenges.

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